Eating Off the Floor

I heard someone describe how they take communion once, and I don’t remember who it was, but their method stuck with me. When the tray is passed to me, I remove the two little cups. I separate them, and immediately dump the little square cracker out of the cup and into my palm. Then i stack the juice cup with the now empty cracker cup. It feels more personal to me to actually hold the cracker in my hand rather than tossing it back like pills from a cup at the doctor’s office. I stare at it for just a moment. Doing this puts my mind on the gravity of what Jesus did on the cross, and what I’m remember by eating the cracker. I feel it prepares my heart for remembering what Jesus did, then I bow my head and pray.

That’s how it usually goes anyway. Today, I fumbled the cracker and it fell on the ground. For just a second I thought to myself, it fell on the ground, I can’t eat it now. then I realized the awkward situation that it would create, not to mention the attention I would draw to myself to go find the tray and get another one. So I just picked the cracker up off the floor and ate it. It was kind of a humbling experience, because as I put the cracker in my mouth I glanced to my right to find my friend’s daughter staring at me with a sort of puzzled look. Then I realized this little girl has probably been told a hundred times not to eat off the floor, and here she is watching a full grown adult do just that. I nearly burst into laughter while the entire church was silently taking communion.

I felt like a 10 year old for just a minute, and ya know what? I think it was good for me. It’s easy to fall into a routine with communion and with other spiritual parts of life, and kind of just going through the motion every time. This particular time, I took communion while snorting to hold back a laugh and I just said, thank you Jesus, for everything. It absolutely brightened my day and put my head in a good place. So Janet, if you are reading this tell Z I said thanks. It was quite different from the heavy and somewhat somber atmosphere that usually fills the room during communion.

After service, each one of my kids dropped either a cookie or a goldfish cracker on the floor and ate it, and I couldn’t even be mad. I concluded that God is obviously giving me this theme for the day, because He wants me to write a blog post and give it this title…

In our Sunday school class we were discussing how to take what we talk about and learn on Sundays out into the world throughout the rest of the week. At lot of the discussion involved the work place. It had me thinking about a couple things. For starters, the work place is the most difficult place for me to hold on to my Christianity, followed closely by supermarket U-scan lines, and third, in traffic. Some days I hold up fairly well, but to be honest there are days that I… well I fall way short.

confession time.

I use to think that I worked in one of the most Godless places in the world, and that everyday at work I was like Indiana Jones walking through the tomb surrounded by snakes, shaking the torch and yelling at all of them. I felt like i was in dangerous territory and I had to shield myself and God against all the horrible atheists and sinners. Of course that’s ridiculous, but that’s how I viewed my workplace. You can’t do anything for God with a mentality like that. Especially nothing positive like we were talking about doing in our class.

It took a while, but I learned that the perspective I had about the world outside of church I created in my own head. I didn’t know any better because I never opened up enough to talk about faith with anyone. I eventually did, and what I found was shocking. I wasn’t alone. Some of these people I tried to shield myself from were doing great stuff for God.
Sure, there are plenty of people who disagree, who don’t want to talk about faith or Jesus. There are people who think we are down right sillier than doors on a motorcycle for believe in God. there will always be those folks, but we can’t do what we’re called to do as followers of Jesus if we refuse to let anyone see what God has done in our lives, because we don’t want to deal with the opposition. In fact, those are folks we are suppose to be shining our brightest to.

I still don’t have a lot figure out, but I’ve learned enough to know that we are never done learning. Every step of the way I learn something new about myself, about Jesus, what He wants from me. I think its when we stop learning that we need to look at ourselves and do a sort of assessment and make sure we are still on the right path. I won’t lie, I’ve had to do that recently myself. There have been several big changes in my life, in church, outside of church, at work, everywhere. With these changes I’ve had to stop and evaluate how I’m handling things and make sure I still have Jesus at the helm. I think we’re good now, and ready for the coming challenges. our church is doing a lot to motivate us to be the church God calls us to be. It won’t be easy, not for me, but I’m ready. And I’m glad I’ve got the people in my life to encourage and be encouraged by to keep moving forward.

Good night everybody, and God bless. as always, feel free to share.

P.S. I leave my blog posts littered with typos intentionallly because my wife loves to find them and point them out to me, and I think it makes her happy in some weird way.


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