Someone told me to write shorter entries… so here

Hi everybody! I just wanted to pop back up on your radar for a minute and say a few words. I want to thank everyone who read my last entry ‘my testimonial, the written version.’ I know it was incredibly long, but I had a lot to say, and I didn’t want to leave anything out. That entry got passed around quite a bit, so hopefully it did some good in at least a few people’s lives. It did one thing that to me was incredible. It made it all the way to my dad, who I wasn’t sure knew how to use the internet, and it sparked an incredible conversation with him that I will remember for the rest of my life. If it reached no one else but him, then it did all I could have hoped it to. That was huge to me.
As most people know, my wife is about to have a baby. She’s eleven months pregnant and due any day. We are kind of in survival mode right now just waiting for the baby to come. I will admit, my patience lately have been lacking, I’m doing better today, but it was an ugly weekend. So just pray for us, this is number 4, and the last one if we have any say at all. Nikki is getting a bit nervous as we are winding down to her big day of labor and she looks ahead to all of what that day has in store for her. So pray for her too. She says, “thanks a lot eve.” I shrug at her.
I’ve been following my feet lately and looking for new chapters to open in my life. I’ve been working on some things, trying to better myself, do more for my people, and contribute to my church and all of God’s people, and just basically try to be a better influence in other people’s lives. I’ve gone out in a direction, and when I get the chance I’ll share all of that with you fine folks, and hopefully I can do even more. For now, we are focusing on having a baby, and little else is on the priority list… other than fixing the garage door that my wife broke. Sorry for calling you out dear! Love ya.
So here’s a nice sweet short one for all you whiners with no time to read. I’m teasing, you know I love ya. If you do however get time, click on the home button up there somewhere and poke around at some other entries. Give them a share, subscribe, send me hate mail, whatever you feel like doing. Thanks for reading, God bless, goodnight.


One thought on “Someone told me to write shorter entries… so here

  1. I know that God has amazing things in store for you through your story. You have a kind heart. Good for you; taking a step out in faith. So glad your dad was able to read your blog. Just remember that everything is in God’s timing. Your story will be doing great things in the lives of others even after you are gone. Thanks for the entry. I know you two are busy these days. Congratulations on your impending bundle of pink joy and all of the happy chaos that follows. I am praying for you both.

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