General Update

I just wanted to give kind of a general update for anyone who may be interested. I have not gone away, I’m still working on writing blog entries. My blog entries are always a products of some recent experience that has spurred some realization, or raised some question, or what ever else can be caused by a significant occurrence in my life. I’m playing with the idea of blogging on a regular schedule, but one issue with that is that I don’t want to try and force myself to write about something. I like it to come naturally. As I said, my blogging is always a result of something inspirational happening to me. However, I would like to have some structure to how I do this, and it would probably be something like every other Sunday or so. Having said that, I realize it has been a while since I have posted anything, so this will serve as a kind of “in between” entry. It’s certainly not that nothing significant has happened recently. It seems that each blog I write is more difficult than the previous one. I have learned why I don’t post first drafts, that’s for sure.


As most people reading this probably know, my family and I have moved. It’s been a couple months now actually. We have been waiting a few years to move and are relieved and thankful to the Lord beyond what my words can express for our blessings. It’s been great! We have been (and will be for some time) working on some general projects around the house that have kept us busy. The extra space has blessed us with the opportunity to begin homeschooling our daughters. I’m over a month into my fall semester. I’m taking a computer forensics class, and a Linux+ certification class, and loving them both. Operating systems are so fascinating to me. Anyway, the point is that we have been very busy!


There are some upcoming events. Some of them are very exciting, some just make me nervous, but I’m looking forward to them all. My wife and I are hosting a sort of party this weekend. We Just want to get everyone together that we have received help from in one way or another, or who have just had a positive impact on our lives in recent years, and just great friends that we appreciate, and we want to tell them “thank you for being awesome.” This is exciting and frightening at the same time, because, well, I could go on about how socially awkward I feel that I am, and how social events make my wife very anxious, and really, we are both rather shy, but it doesn’t matter. All of the folks we have invited already know that anyway.


Something very exciting that I’m definitely looking forward to, is that my wife and I will be, well, hosting I suppose you’d call it, a couple of kids from another country for an event coming up here. I will definitely blog about that experience once its over, but I won’t say much about it right now other than, wow! I never thought I’d be doing this, and I’m really looking forward to it, and so is Nikki.


My wife and I have joined a Sunday morning study class, group, church thing, I’m not sure what to call it but it does have a name. I go as often as I can which is not as often as I’d like. We have a great teacher, he is a great speaker and I value what he has to say greatly. I have been blessed with having some great role models placed in my life recently. We’ve been given a bible chapter to read and present a sort of summary on to our class, which has my wife and I both a little terrified and excited at the same time. Either way, it’s a major event to me.


Other than that, It has been a lot of just getting used to the new house, the new surroundings, and everything. We came from living in a neighborhood with a gas station and grocery store a short walk away, to living in the country (I call it) 6 miles from anything. It’s a totally different environment, and we love it but it does require some adapting. We get to see dear in our backyard about every other morning. The wildlife is gorgeous out here, and plentiful. I get to hear the raccoons and cats fight late at night which is…different. It’s great out here and we love it.



Well that about sums up the passed two months or so. We’ve just been keeping busy. We’re just living, appreciating what we have and thanking God for it, opening up another chapter in our lives, and pushing on, and growing together as a family. Keep your eyes open for more blog posts coming soon. I’ve got plenty to say, it’s a matter of arranging the right words in the right order. That’s what seems to take up my time. You know, I always start with an experience, and I know what I want to say about it and describe how it affected me, but by the time I get to the end it has warped into something completely different somehow, which is equally as meaningful to me. It’s almost as if I learn more about myself writing something than you do reading it. Have a great day.


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