One Day, I’m Gonna Need ya

Really, it comes down to one simple point; love them. No matter what people are dealing with, whether they are batting a thousand, or struggling to hold it together, make sure that above all, they know you love them. Continue reading


Eating Off the Floor

I heard someone describe how they take communion once, and I don’t remember who it was, but their method stuck with me. When the tray is passed to me, I remove the two little cups. I separate them, and immediately dump the little square cracker out of the cup and into my palm. Then i … Continue reading

Thoughts about Mike

This was my first Sunday back to church since Mike left. I see the elders are making an effort to try to keep facts clear among the members and that is appreciated. It’s certainly not an easy subject to discuss, but they are doing their thing and accepting that responsibility, which shows we still have … Continue reading

I’m Still Standing

An act of betrayal, by design, can only be delivered by those we allow close to our hearts. Betrayal by definition requires exposing a disloyalty from a source that was otherwise trusted. Sheer hate and judgment from those in obvious opposition is a blow I brace for, bare my chest to, and I accept those … Continue reading